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Oh By Golly

May 12, 2020

Man has quieted and nature has grown loud. These Corona birds, they have my attention.

Jacklyn shares her childhood desire to have a bird's full attention and later in adulthood learns to sit long enough to let them land.

Lindsey reads a letter explaining the "blue bird of happiness"

Tommy reads "Caged Bird" by Maya Angelou

Kari shares her reason for getting a tattoo of a Raven 


Weekly Song Bird Project:
Time & Day:
Identify the bird:
Describe it's song:
Location (Where are you? Where is the bird?):
Take a picture or video if possible

Reflective Questions:
Why do you think the bird is chirping?
Does this bird make you feel anything?
Does this bird say anything about God, it's creator?
Does this bird say anything about you as a person?
Did you see anything else interesting around you today?